Actress CHOI JI WOO boasted her eye-catching beauty in behind-cuts taken at the shooting of drama series “Twenty Again” which is creating sensation recently.

tvN’s Friday-Saturday drama series “Twenty Again” (written by So Hyun-Kyung, directed by Kim Hyung-Sik) unveiled behind-cuts of CHOI JI WOO who is acting as housewife “Ha Norah” who struggles as a freshman at a college campus, to take her youth at the age of twenty back, in the episode 1 and 2.   

 CHOI JI WOO was perfectly turned into “Ha Norah” rushing here and there at the campus, during the entire shooting. The most interesting scene was when she entered a college where her son goes and her husband works as a professor, hiding herself in a hat not to be spotted by them. Even though she was wearing a hat, she boasted her pure and innocent beauty, catching the eyes of viewers. 

In the episode 1 and 2, “Ha Norah” ventures to take college entrance exam, to change the heart of her husband who wanted to get divorced. She got admitted to the college as an additional passer. However, she faces difficulties with adapting to the college life. Viewers who could understand “Norah”’s pain sympathized her difficulties.  

 Meanwhile, the first episode of “Twenty Again” that was aired on the 28 (Fri.) recorded 3.8% of viewership, which was the highest-ever viewership rating for a first episode of tvN’s drama series. It is a story about “Ha Norah” who has been living as a mother since giving birth to her son at the 19 and enters college twenty years later to experience campus life for the first time in her life.

In episode 3 to be aired today (September 4) at 8:30pm, the relationship between “Norah” who avoids her husband “Kim Woo-Cheol” (acted by Choi Won-Young) and theatrical art professor “Cha Hyeon-Seok”, “Norah”’s first love, who gets suspicious about such behavior of Norah will be depicted in an interesting way.

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