BIGBANG is not only dominating the music charts but also has unrivaled MU views on Youtube. Indeed, they are the king of K-pop.

As of 4 PM on September 5, the Youtube views for their “LOSER” MV surpassed 58 million. The MV was released four months ago on May 1. The view count for the “LOSER” MV stands unchallenged even amidst the popularity of various K-pop groups such as Girls’ Generation, Exo, Red Velvet, and Bangtan Boys.

The MV for BIGBANG’s “BANG BANG BANG” – which was released a month after their “LOSER” MV- surpassed 54 million views on Youtube. It can be said that BIGBANG’s MVs are in fierce competition for the No. 1 place in Youtube views.

The “BAE BAE” MV – which was released at the same time with the “LOSER” MV”- surpassed 40 million Youtube views and ranked fourth. The “SOBER” MV surpassed 26 million views and ranked 9th. Out of the top ten MVs that recorded the biggest Youtube views, four are BIGBANG’s MVs.

BIGBANG’s “WE LIKE TO PARTY” MV – which was released in June – ranked 11th passing the 25 million mark. Their “LET’S NOT FALL IN LOVE” MV -the most recently released MV of BIGBANG – surpassed 20 million views, and took the 15th place. GD&T.O.P’s “ZUTTER” MV also posted 13.3 million views putting the MV at the 24th place.

BIGBANG has been releasing two new singles since May and has taken over the charts during the summer. They were unrivaled not only on the charts of music-streaming sites but also the charts of TV shows.

Their great popularity shows no sign of declining. Their next new album with all of the members participating is not released yet, and the “MADE” series songs are still high up on the charts. Without any doubt, BIGBANG is equal to none in terms of Youtube views.

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