Before her official debut as a solo artist, CL of 2NE1 released “HELLO BITCHES” in Korea and the US. The choreography video of the song is getting a huge response, ranking first on Top Trends Worldwide. About CL creating such a sensation as a solo artist, YG Entertainment CEO YANG HYUN SUK said with his unique chuckle, “It’s great. I was really surprised.”

At 9 PM on November 21, CL released her single “HELLO BITCHES” on the music sharing website SoundCloud to be distributed without any charge. The choreography video for the song was also uploaded on YG’s official blog, the music site Noisey, and fashion magazine i-D’s online site. CL’s recent single is distributed for free so that fans can get a taste of CL as a solo artist before her official debut in the US.

The response to “HELLO BITCHES” both at home and abroad is beyond expectations. It is as if the tickets to the prequel of a blockbuster movie have all been sold out. It’s not that surprising considering that CL is one of the few female artists that can show that much strong and fierce charisma in a choreography video.

On November 22, Osen interviewed YANG HYUN SUK over the phone before he went in for the first shoot of KPOP STAR 5. We could not help mentioning CL’s new single. When asked what score will he give if CL was on KPOP STAR, he answered, “You can’t score an artist that have been around for years”. After a quick smile, he said without any hesitation, “CL’s new single is great. I was really surprised.”

He went on to say, “Sure, the music was great but I was really impressed with the choreography.” He continued to praise the choreography saying, “CL’s unique charisma, as shown in the title, combined with Parris Goebel and her team’s detailed dance moves resulted in a wonderful piece of work.” He further expressed how happy he was with the song saying, “I’m really satisfied with the outcome.”

The current CEO of YG Entertainment, YANG HYUN SUK, was one of Korea’s best dancers leading the dance scene from the end of 1980s until early 1990s. Then, he met Seotaiji, who was preparing to release a solo album, in 1992 and formed Seotaiji and Boys, the most iconic dance group in the history of Korean music.

Therefore, the choreography of CL’s “HELLO BITCHES” must have a special meaning to YANG HYUN SUK. From being the best underground dancer to being a member of Seotaiji and Boys and the CEO/producer of YG Entertainment, the starting point of YANG HYUN SUK’s successful career was dancing.

We asked him why he distributed “HELLO BITCHES” for free.

He answered, “CL has joined hands with Scooter Braun, the talent manager of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, to release a solo English album for the global market. We have been preparing for this for a long time. The album is 90% done and the MV for the title track is completed. CL is 2NE1’s leader and can speak four languages so people might think it is easy for CL to enter the global market. But, in fact, she is just a rookie in the US.”

YANG HYUN SUK is not at all upbeat or overconfident about CL’s US debut. He said, “CL is not well known in the US, so we felt the need to launch a promotion campaign before releasing her album. Among the tracks in her album, we chose “HELLO BITCHES” and made the choreography video. The response it got was beyond our expectations and I’m really happy.”

He went on to say, “Even as 2NE1, CL has never danced to such a fast beat. CL doing the choreography of ‘HELLO BITCHES’ was so intense and powerful that it came as a shock even to me, and I have been her producer for seven years. She has such a charisma on the stage, and she is very passionate about fashion. And the stage experience she gained with 2NE1 surely made her an experienced artist.

“HELLO BITCHES” is a song with a bouncy beat and a catchy melody, and was released as a promotion song for CL’s official album next year. The music of the song is written by TEDDY, YG’s top producer, and Jean-Baptiste. Additionally, TEDDY, CL, Danny Chung, and Jean-Baptiste wrote the lyrics. It is distributed for free as a promotion so there are no plans as of now on CL making any TV appearance or any other performances.

YANG HYUN SUK said, “Fortunately, the timing is right for CL to perform the song at this year’s MAMA. She will perform the song with Parris Goebel’s team. Check out CL’s solo album, which will be released next spring.”

Disclaimer: This is a re-publication of Osen’s interview with Yang Hyun Suk

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