WINNER EXIT: E, an album written and composed by WINNER members; double title tracks by Nam Taehyun!

WINNER unveiled the tracklist for their new album, which includes songs directly written by member NAM TAEHYUN.

The list of WINNER’s new songs which was released by WINNER’s label YG Entertainment includes, “BABY BABY”, “SENTIMENTAL”, “IMMATURE”, “I’M YOUNG”, and “PRICKED”.

BABY BABY” and “SENTIMENTAL” are the double title tracks, composed and written by NAM TAEHYUN. Three music videos will be released including NAM TAEHYUN’s solo track “I’M YOUNG”.

Unlike other music labels which usually produce one music video for an album title track, YG Entertainment expresses multiple songs in an album through music videos, with the full support from the company’s head producer, YANG HYUN SUK.

Just as what BIGBANG did last year, WINNER will also promote the new album by producing music videos for three songs. Releasing three music videos for an artist all at the same time is an exceptional case, making WINNER’s comeback an extraordinary one.

On the 11th, WINNER first unveiled “PRICKED”, an entry song written and composed by SONG MINO. WINNER’s mini-album “EXIT: E” including “PRICKED” will be released on the 1st of February.

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