Yang Hyun Suk talks about Akdong Musician (AKMU) and Lee Hi in his recent interview with the media where he dishes out information about his artists’ album, comeback and promotion plans.

About Lee Hi‘s upcoming second album to be released on the 9th, he stated, “Lee Hi’s second album was produced entirely by Tablo. Before the album production, Tablo explained, “In this country’s music market, there aren’t that many female solo singers that handle the hiphop genre. I want Lee Hi’s album to be focused on the hiphop genre. The first thought I had after listening to the album was, “This is awesome”. Not only did the combination of Lee Hi and hiphop exceeded my expectations, starting from the first syllable on the first track, I was able to confirm her growth and changes in vocal skills. There are a total of 10 songs on the album and the first of it will be released on March 9. The full album will probably be released a month later.”

When Yang Hyuk Suk was asked about the reason the album was made into half albums considering it is released after a 3-year hiatus, he answered, “There are a variety of title tracks that I want to show to the public. This allows me to extend her promotional and broadcast activities. I want as many people as possible to find out about these great songs. The title songs of the half album that will be released on the 9th are “Breath” and “Hold My Hand”.

He also revealed that SHINee’s Jonghyun composed the track, “Breath”. He said, “There is something unique about this and it’s the fact that SHINee’s Jonghyun composed and wrote the lyrics for “Breath“. While monitoring the album, I heard a song that was different from the rest and it’s a bit slow. It’s a song that left a deep impression on me so I decided to go with the song and “Hold My Hand” which Tablo recommended.”

YG also revealed that he was unaware that Jonghyun wrote “Breath”. He continued, “But Tablo didn’t tell me about the fact that “Breath” was written by Jonghyun until we set a schedule for the filming of the music video. I had a feeling he worried about my prejudice (laughs). I was actually delighted and impressed.”

He concluded, “Music genre aside, double title tracks, “Hold My Hand” and “Breath” are songs that are completely different from Lee Hi’s normal style. An album that’s based on the hiphop genre is something that Lee Hi is challenging for the first time, I think listeners will see that the style of the album is fresh and new.”

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