It’s WINNER’s first solo concert, WINNER EXIT TOUR IN SEOUL – DAY 1!

It took them forever, but tonight the band took their first leap radiating their brilliance towards their very own wary, expectant crowd who relentlessly waited for this moment for eternity.

They have always been different, always evolving, encompassing all expectations with talents hidden and tucked away for so long – tonight we saw the side of WINNER, undiscovered and unexplored.

For the very first time tonight, we saw what each of them are capable of. We wouldn’t have seen this if this concert didn’t happen. Too many surprising moments in this concert – Kim Jinwoo with reddish pink hair, Nam Taehyun with abs, a glimpse of WINNER backstage, topless and drenched in sweat, Kim Jinwoo rapping, the bands parody of the very popular series, “Reply 1988” and there should be more!

Thank you, WINNER.

Here are some of those moments taken by the fans (we will be updating with more soon) :