Nate Pann post is claiming that YG Entertainment‘s boy group, iKON‘s rapper Bobby, has plagiarized some of the lyrics from a hip hop song, ‘Gaepan’ by rapper JTONG.

The OP (original post) highlights that the some of the rap verses in ‘ANTHEM‘ that Bobby wrote use identical endings as JTONG’s song, which was released years before iKON’s song.

However, another k-netizen responded to this claim, in support of Bobby. (still translating… Sorry!!)

Original Title: Hul, Bobby’s rap plagiarism


Didn’t he copy ‘Gaepan’

JTONG, hot to the touch, this rhythm (ri-deum)
Like all my cells are dancing, this feeling (ki-bun)
Focus (jip-joong), me living and breathing, right now (ji-geum)
Don’t stop JTONG, Go Get em

Focus (jip-joong), us getting out of hand, right now (ji-geum)
Fixin you guys’ wrong rhythm (ri-deum)
Heartthrob, like our whole body is dancing, this feeling (ki-bun)
5th generation YG we gon go get em

It seems like they clearly copied it

It’s too similar?????
This is pretty bad… I wonder how the fans will defend (shield) him this time

The defense (shielding) is daebak, the fans asking why using the same words is plagiarism
It’s not just one of two words that are the same, and he just switched up the order, it’s still the same. Especially the last one, he totally copied that

And it’s not just the words, the ‘feel’ is the same, too
The rhythm is the same. It feels like he was aiming to do this.



[+387, -191]: Just even when he rap he seems like a wannabe… Something like, he’s like a little middle schooler trying to seem ‘strong’ by cussing. Like, who does ‘fuck you’s so proudly like thatnatepann-42599717

[+363, -157] Bobby was always a wannabe. He plagiarizes lyrics, disses idols from smaller agencies, and is all ‘respectful’ in front of huge agencies. When asked why he only dissed idols from small agencies, he asks from help ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The ultimate douchebag
he told the people in charge that his message was, ‘Let’s all do well. Isn’t this why idol rappers are disregarded.’ Additionally, he stated, ‘In my case and in Block B Zico, WINNER Song Mino, iKON B.I, etc., we are working to show our talents as idol rappers, and I hate that we were being disregarded.
However, when asked his reasoning for calling out BTS and VIXX, Bobby hesitated to answer, and looked over at CEO Yang Hyun Suk for help. Thus, in this portion, Bobby passed over the mic to Yang Hyun Suk without having replied to the question or explaining his reasoning.

[+288, -181]: Bobby always has sucked at writing lyrics so he has to plagiarize

[+107, -56]: It’s clearly plagiarism, why do you shield (defend) him?