In response to a Nate Pann post claiming that iKON‘s Bobby plagiarized his lyrics, another k-netizen has uploaded a response to the claim.

Original Title: The truth behind Bobby’s plagiarism controversy

The Talker’s Choice post about Bobby’s plagiarism isn’t true. It’s just a collaboration between people who want attention and anti-fans.

Bobby’s rap in ‘ANTHEM’ is a remake or reinterpretation of JTONG’s rap in ‘Gaepan’, not plagiarism. It’s a rap that is intended to emphasize the similaries, of course they are going to be similiar.

The top is Bobby’s rap from ‘ANTHEM’ and the bottom is JTONG’s rap from ‘Gaepan’.


It takes the emphasis ‘point’ words, and remakes the rap while maintaining the structure. It also takes JTONG’s lyric ‘3rd generation hip hop’ and remakes it to ‘5th generation YG’

If they had changed it slyly, it would be plagiarism, but Bobby blatantly uses the point words and flow to show that it is from JTONG.

You can also see other rappers giving homage to famous verses or rappers, too.

-Example from Beenzinoimage (1)

Because Bobby used point words from JTONG ‘Gaepan’ rap and reinterprets it in his own way and maintains the rhythm and flow, this is just an homage. This shows respect towards JTONG, as an homage usually has a meaning of respect.

‘ANTHEM’ is a song for iKON’s rappers, but it received enough attention for Madclown to post the music video on his social network. At the least, if this song was plagiarism, Madclown and the many rappers who saw his SNS would have brought up the issue, as they re professionals.

Additionally, a comment on yesterday’s post that said Bobby was a wannabe strangely became best comment.

After debut, Bobby got 2nd place as the idol rapper with the most talent, which experts voted for.

image (2)image (3)

image (4)

I’m not trying to be like ‘Bobby is THIS good!!!’, but just that he’s not untalented enough to be belittled as a ‘wannabe’.

This is from an interview on the GQ after he won SMTM.

image (5)

Sufficient criticism is fine, but don’t belittle him with things that have no backing……

Attention seekers are arguing that if he really respects JTONG, he should have mentioned it in his interviews. Having respect doesn’t meaning honoring them the most. During interviews, Bobby gets asks who he honors the most as a rapper, but he doesn’t have to go off on a list, naming every rapper he respects, does he? He probably respects all the talented rappers..

+ There are people asking for the source of information, and that doesn’t make sense. Usually when rappers give homages, they don’t reveal it. They use already famous lyrics. It’s an homage, and it’s supposed to be made clear in the finally product.;;; When anti-fans do their thing, they should be the ones giving sources for their screenshots, and not use videos that loving fans made to belittle the idols.

The view count is the same but it’s strange how the likes on the anti-comments are going up.