You held your first solo concert in March this year, two years after your debut. 

KANG SEUNGYOON: “That was an undeniably happy moment. I can’t express the feelings I felt at that moment in words.”
KIM JINWOO: “We were so thirsty for concert, as we were having such long time of absence from the music scene. I was so touched by fans’ events for us and I almost cried.”

What was the most memorable concert?

SONG MINHO: “The concert in Daegu. The kids of ‘Half-moon Friends’ were there.”
KANG SEUNGYOON: “The first concert was the most memorable one for me. There is a yellow picket that our fans used to support us when we’re still team A of “WIN” show in the final match. Fans were cheering for us with WINNER sticks and suddenly, they put up the yellow pickets. That was a really touching moment. I never expected such a thing. I forgot what it was like when we officially became WINNER for some time, but the yellow pickets reminded me of those days and I thought I should never forget my first resolution for these people. Fans gave me a kind of wake-up call. I believe fans prepared such an event to tell me that I should never forget my original commitment. (laugh)”
SONG MINHO: “I think SEUNGYOON got so much excited and he talked like for an hour at that time. (laugh)”

I think you’re full of passion for music.

KANG SEUNGYOON: “Our goal for this year is to sing our songs of sincerity with our own voices. Another goal from the days when we became WINNER is to create music that makes listeners WINNER.”
LEE SEUNGHOON: “Rather than sticking to specific genres, we wanna sing songs that anyone would feel like listening. Our work for new songs has been delayed because it is hard for us to write songs that can fulfill every goal.”

What is your plan for new album?

All together: “We’re working on it.”
KANG SEUNGYOON: “We’re working on it, targeting its release in early summer this year. We’re currently giving a final touch on it. We’re refining the songs continuously, in order to meet fans with better songs.”

MINHO, you took part in the shooting for JTBC’s “The People of Hip-hop” recently.

SONG MINHO: “That was a truly precious experience. At first, I felt somewhat burdened being with those grandmas, but they showed such big passion for hip-hop. So, I could fully commit myself to working with them. I newly learned about passion from the grandmas. It was a good opportunity to look back on me.”


TAEHYUN, you recently appeared in tvN’s “Actor School” show to learn acting from Park Shin-yang. What do you think of Park Shin-yang’s acting in KBS 2TV’s drama series “My Lawyer, Mr. Jo”?

NAM TAEHYUN: “He is a really good actor and the story of the drama series is interesting, too.”

What did you think of TAEHYUN’s acting in “Actor School” show?

SONG MINHO: “I was really surprised. I knew TAEHYUN had big passion for acting, but I was surprised to see how big passion he actually has and how much effort he wants to make for it.”
KIM JINWOO: “His personality has changed since his training in ‘Actor School’. You know, in his everyday life and how he treats others.”
SONG MINHO: “He keeps acting when he is with someone. (laugh)”
KIM JINWOO: “Oh, is he? Then, TAEHYUN is a really good actor. I totally believed in him!”
NAM TAEHYUN: “During the camp training for three days and two nights, the environment kept changing so it was even hard to go to bathroom. You know, acting requires consumption of feelings, so it was unspeakably hard. Acting of crying was especially hard. Now, I can cry immediately when someone tells me to cry. However, I’m still not sure whether I have become a really good actor after appearing in the show. Honestly, I don’t think there is a clear answer for acting.”

What is your plan for acting, SEUNGYOON?

KANG SEUNGYOON: “Me? I’ll of course do it whenever somebody needs me. I hope to hear from directors.”
– What kind of thing do you wanna try in the future?
LEE SEUNGHOON: “I wanna try acting.”
KIM JINWOO: “Me, too.”
SONG MINHO: “I’m not that into acting. I wanna concentrate on music.”
NAM TAEHYUN: “As of now, I put bigger focus on music than acting. If I get suggestions for acting fortunately from directors I like or for films of my favorite style, I would do it. However, I’ll not try acting until I feel my acting is perfect.”

You all live together now.

LEE SEUNGHOON: “Yes. But we all have separate rooms. Except for SEUNGYOON and MINHO, everyone keeps pets. I have a dog named “Haute.”
KIM JINWOO: “I and TAEHYUN have two cats each.”
KANG SEUNGYOON: “I live all alone (laugh). I really love animals, but as of now, I’m tired of just taking care of myself. I want an opportunity to change myself through a pet dog, but there are already too many animals at home. When I get my own place someday, I’ll think about having a dog.”

What are the rules for your home?

All together: “There is none.”
SONG MINHO: “Everyone just falls asleep when they get home.”
NAM TAEHYUN: “In the past, there were rules about who does what, but there is none now. We eat together when we can, or eat on each one’s own and clean on their own.”
LEE SEUNGHOON: “I remember when we put newspaper on window glasses all together, bracing for typhoon.”
KANG SEUNGYOON: “We have a lot of episodes from the days when we’re still trainees. Now, all the things we do at our home are just to sleep and wash.”

Who’s the dirtiest member?

SONG MINHO: “We are busy and we buy a lot of things, so all of us are dirty.”
LEE SEUNGHOON: “The cats and dogs are dirtiest. They make troubles”
NAM TAEHYUN: “Only SEUNGHOON’s dog is dirty.”
SONG MINHO: “SEUNGHOON’s dog thinks the carpet is his toilet. I have stepped on his poop three times, in this morning, too. That is because “Haute”s papa didn’t train him rightly. Usually, people scold their dogs when their dogs poop at undesignated places, but SEUNGHOON just tells his dog ‘Don’t poo here, come here’ in a nice voice. That’s all.”
LEE SEUNGHOON: “Okay. I’ll buy a new carpet cheaper than 100,000 won.”

Don’t you have any plan for collaboration with iKON?

KANG SEUNGYOON: “That would be great any time when we have the opportunity.”
SONG MINHO: “I’m not sure about that, as that is not something we can plan on our own.”

What’s your plan for the rest of this year?

KANG SEUNGYOON: “Our goal is to complete projects after the ‘EXIT’ album one by one. The reason why we planned for this year-long project was because we wanted to communicate with fans more. We also wanted to show you some different WINNER in different fields. That is the reason why we decided to do ‘Half-moon Friends’ show.”

What does president YANG HYUN SUK mean to WINNER?

KANG SEUNGYOON: “(laugh) Oh, that’s an unexpected question.”
SONG MINHO: “Our creator.”
LEE SEUNGHOON: “Good president, like a father.”
KANG SEUNGYOON: “I really thank him as he cared for us a lot recently. We haven’t had that much communication with him until the release of the new album. However, we communicated with him a lot in the process of preparing for the new album and he gave us a big support.”
NAM TAEHYUN: “He is like a reliable supporter for us.”
KIM JINWOO: “He is an indispensable person for WINNER. (laugh)”