What are the things that make up the minds of WINNER’s five members?

winnerThe top priorities in their minds were “INNER CIRCLE”, “Half-moon Friends”, and “work for new album”. KANG SEUNGYOON wrote down “INNER CIRCLE” before anything, saying, “Fans are the top priority for me”. NAM TAEHYUN who was sitting beside KANG said “the rental contract for our home will be terminated soon” and he asked the other members, “Do you think we have to live separately?” The other members didn’t give him the answer and NAM TAEHYUN answered with smile, “Okay, let’s live together”.

Then, a serious question came upon the members’ minds: “What to eat today?” which is an everyday question that never leaves out of their minds. WINNER made a happy face, thinking about what to eat for their dinner. The members also expressed their thoughts in small dots. KANG SEUNGYOON said the he wants to appear in TV cooking shows, and NAM TAEHYUN praised KIM JINWOO’s good look. In such a way, WINNER members boasted special friendship between them.

SONG MINHO strongly recommended LEE SEUNGHOON that he trains his dog “Haute” to poop at right places. SONG MINHO raised his voice saying, “SEUNGHOON’s dog has pooped on the carpet in my room, even in this morning, too. This is the responsibility of the pet owner. This happened because the owner failed to give the dog the right training”. LEE SEUNGHOON said sorry and promised to buy SONG MINHO a new carpet.

Picture/Trans: @chrissy96_