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Hey Uncles and Aunts and YG-stans and others!

I’m kind of (VERY) in love with Akdong Musician, so this might be very biased (because for me, AKMU = love), and might not be a great review… It’s also my first time doing an album review.

However! I will try to control my fan-girling and try not to be biased.

Here we go:

Title Track 1: RE-BYE

This song is hands down, amazing.
To me, it seems to have a mystical (teasing?) aura to it, and reminded me a bit of the songs from IU’s album Chat-Shire, and a bit of Lee Hi in the vocal parts.
(Of course, AKMU’s music is different from IU’s and Lee Hi’s, but it just reminded me of the Alice in Wonderland, curiosity, fantasy feel that IU’s album was based on, and the Blues feel that Lee Hi’s voice has.)

The song has a witty tune and an even wittier vocal part.
I remember in the V-app broadcast a couple days ago, Suhyun was talking about how Chanhyuk wanted her to separate the “re-re-re-re-bye“, and listening to it within the whole song, it really fits really well.

Title Track 2: 사람들이 움직이는 게 (How People Move)

This song yells “AKMU!!”
It has an upbeat instrument with a fun vocal part.

I think Akdong Musician probably had so much fun recording this.
This song is just filled with their fun, bubbly personalities.

(They start singing in opera voices, and I started laughing in class…)

Just listening to it, it kind of sounds like a finale song from a musical(?).
I can imagine people dancing across the stage while Akdong Musician are like having a musical conversation with each other and acting and being amazing.

Track 3: 새삼스럽게 왜  (Haughty Girl)

From the first couple seconds, my first thoughts were: “Chanhyuk’s producing is even better than before.”

This song seemed a bit more like a duet than the other songs.
(ㅠㅠ I’m not sure how to describe it.)

It reminds me of a lot duet songs I’ve heard (mostly those with a singer and rapper), but as with every AKMU song, it has their style incorporated into it, in the ad-libs, in the tune.

Track 4: 초록창가 (Green Window)

This song reminded me a lot of their first album.
The lyrics are of hope and dreams, and I interpreted it a bit as a message to their old selves?

It’s an inspiring song, a bit of scolding, but then saying that from the Green Window, you can see the rainbow, and “FLY AWAY~~!!!

Also, I’ve said this for every song so far, but it has so much wit to the tune and the producing.

Track 5: 사소한 것에서 (Every Little Thing)

At first, I thought this was going to be a slow song, but don’t be fooled.

At first, it goes from a harp, orchestra, piano slow instrumental. Then it takes on a refreshing “coffee-cafe” mood, with the two siblings’ amazing voices.
Then it undergoes another transition, and trumpets(?) come in, and it just flows so well from the previous tune.
It goes back and forth from these two, and ends on the slow theme….

Just kidding!!
It has a little Suhyun solo where she sings a mystical tune with her amazing voice and then it ends.

It’s a really cute, and again showcases the wit that distinguishes

Track 6: 주변인 (Around)

If I were to make an analogy, this is the 얼음들 (Melted) of the SPRING EP. album.
(It’s much slower than Melted, though.)
It’s a slow song about the feeling of separation from the rest of the world.

Suhyun’s voice really brings out the sadness of the song, but I was surprised at Chanhyuk’s voice when he started to sing.
He’s improved so much!

When they start harmonizing, it is heaven in my earphones, and I got chills over and over.

Chanhyuk raps, and then Suhyun raps. In a slow song.
It’s beautiful.



Akdong Musician has (both) improved so much in all areas: singing, rap, producing.

I personally saw some influences from other artists in these songs, especially Haughty Girl and the repeating background sound.

Before this album came out, I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be as good as the first album, as sometimes this happens…. but after listening to all their songs, it really wasn’t the case. This isn’t better than the last album. It’s just another AMAZING album beyond compare, just like the last one.

Akdong Musician is a duo that can pull off basically any genre, and make it their own.
Every song, not just the title tracks, was amazing in its own way. I can’t choose a favorite ㅠㅠ

If you haven’t listened to it, GO! I promise you won’t regret it.

If you have, please tell me what your thoughts are!! I want to know 🙂

영원히 흥해라! 악뮤!!

Love, E-admin