As actor Lee Jong-Suk has joined YG Entertainment, YG became the home for tall and slender fashion model-turned-actors. CHA SEUNG WON, GANG DONG WON, NAM JOO HYUK, and Lee Jong-Suk are all talented actors and top fashion models who had shone bright on the run-way.


CHA SEUNG WON is the idol for fashion models. He still walks on the run-way of fashion shows with a perfect figure, showing the very standard of self-management. CHA is thought to be the most successful model-turned-actor in Korea. There are now many actors who debuted as fashion model first. However, by the time when CHA tried acting for the first time, fashion model-turned-actors were not common. All model-turned-actors might pick CHA as their best role model.


GANG DONG WON always boasts an outstanding look. All clothes he has worn for public occasions have created sensation. He is famous for creating perfect look in any clothes, even better than fashion models walking on the run-way of collections. GANG seems to be the actor who best-demonstrates the popular saying that goes, “What makes perfect fashion is the face”. GANG DONG WON’s unrealistically well-proportioned figure turns every scene in his films into fashion photography.


NAM JOO HYUK, one of YG’s youngest artists, also debuted as an actor. He gained recognition for his acting in brother-and-sister duo AKMU’s music video. Then, he won the hearts and minds of women by acting as “Han Ian” in KBS 2TV’s drama series “Who Are You – The School 2015” aired last year. His handsome face and tall and slender figure of a fashion model is one of the reasons why he is drawing big attention these days.


Lee Jong-Suk who has just joined YG is also a model-turned-actor. As every drama series in which he acted has recorded great hit, people call him “always trustworthy Lee Jong-Suk”. In romance soap operas, actors’ chemistry with female title roles is one of the most important factors for popularity. Lee’s perfectly well-proportioned figure always creates a perfect harmony with any actress. Lee will act in MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama series “W” that will begin broadcasting in July with actress Han Hyo-joo, to fascinate drama lovers once again.