BIGBANG MADE” (directed by Byeon Jin-ho and produced by YG Entertainment), the first project to celebrate the 10th anniversary of BIGBANG’s debut, has released still cuts.

“BIGBANG MADE” is a movie that depicts the honest hearts of BIGBANG’s five guys Gwon Ji-yong, Dong Young-bae, Choi Seung-hyun, Kang Dae-sung, and Lee Seung-hyun who say that they were born to be BIGBANG. Total 25 still cuts from the movie including scenes from live concert filled with heat as well as scenes realized on Screen X which fill up three-side screen of theater have been unveiled.

The movie is drawing all the more attention, as it realizes BIGBANG’s MADE concert tour that was held in celebration of the 10th anniversary of BIGBANG’s debut to draw total 1.5 million fans in 32 cities in 13 countries vividly on the screen. Plus, the movie will give fans a good opportunity to see BIGBANG members’ passionate performances in a more dynamical manner.


The still photos show the five members of BIGBANG moving passionately on the stage to live up to fans’ big support, as well as fans who are cheering for BIGBANG with all their heart, shaking “Bang-bong” which is a stick with golden crown on the tip of it. The photos also realistically depict the fancy stage settings that remind of a blockbuster movie. In such a way, the movie proves the power of BIGBANG who has grown into an artist that captivates the world, going beyond Asia.

In addition, the scenes of the movie that were directly shot with “Three-CAM” for Screen X vividly reveal the dynamism and heat of the concert, to make viewers feel like they are actually at the concert hall. As such, movie fans’ curiosity and anticipation for “BIGBANG MADE” are rising high.

“BIGBANG MADE” will be released on June 30 exclusively at CGV nationwide.