WINNER’s feisty little maknae sure knows how to deal with anti-fans. As noticeable lately, Nam Taehyun started posting some of his works on his social media account, most are paintings done in oil and acrylic.

In one of his works, someone commented, “You f*cking draw instead of practicing your singing? Are you human?”. The provocation must have ticked off Nam Taehyun. He responded back saying, “It is very cowardly of you to speak so harshly like this just because you don’t see me (practicing my singing).

He then continued, “From your tone, it seems like you are young, but if you send this kind of message again, I will respond with legal action. But I am not asking of you to be kind to me. Please don’t speak harshly, because we are both people.”

The fan then replied with an apology saying, “I apologize…I just wanted you to practice your singing more. We don’t know when the next album will be released and everything’s frustrating but it looked like you were focusing more on other things, not music (that’s why I said that). I’ll speak kindly from now on.”

WINNER released their EXIT:E album last February, 2016. It is still unknown when the next album is coming, but YG sure broke their promises of a year-long promotion. It seems that the fans have grown restless while waiting for the next album.

When do you think will it be released?