YG Entertainment‘s Akdong Musician is undoubtedly one of the greatest sibling duos in k-pop.

They produce, sing, and dance to their own songs– not to mention they’re amazing at all of these things.

But off the stage, they’re a brother and a sister.

Here are 5 times Lee Chanhyuk and Lee Suhyun showed the world that they were the “realistic sibling duo.”


1. When Suhyun wasn’t happy with the photo Chanhyuk posted.



akmuchank A chillier afternoon
akmu_suhyun Wow posting it without permission just because you’re the only one that looks good;
akmuchanhk @akmu_suhyun Acting like you’re prettier than this picture

2. When Suhyun didn’t like how Chanhyuk tagged her in his picture


akmuchanhk Baring skin


akmuchanhk Baring skin
akmu_suhyun Please calm down with the nostril tag


3. When Suhyun dissed Chanhyuk’s nostrils



akmu_suhyun Today I… pinkie-promised with a certain something
With a deep and humid something
I promised..
#I_dont_know_why #feelsbad


4. When Suhyun got revenge on Chanhyuk’s nostril tag


akmu_suhyun Take the picture from the bottom-up so my legs look longer


5. Lastly, Chanhyuk’s birthday


akmuchanhk ?
akmu_suhyun What do you mean it’s already your birthday, how old are you even now


Conversation translation:
SH: HB (short for Happy Birthday)
CH: Yah
SH: What do you want, oppa
CH: Muh-ney
CH: ?
SH: .. Sigh


akmu_suhyun Realistic siblings