KANG DONG WON expresses how much he trusts YANG HYUN SUK.

“…I can see that he keeps his promises. I began to trust him.”

In an interview with News1star that took place in the afternoon of December 15, KANG DONG WON was asked what he thinks of YANG HYUN SUK. He answered, “YANG HYUN SUK even asked me to go on trips together when we get old. I’m not a guy that is good at expressing emotions. But I trust him as a person. He is a man of his words.”

KANG DONG WON added, “There are people who appeared to be one thing, but is really quite another. I’ve been through a lot, so I don’t trust people 100% when I first meet them. But, after working with him for a while, I can see that he keeps his promises. I began to trust him.”

He went on to say, “He doesn’t interfere, not even a bit. People said he wouldn’t, and he really doesn’t. He just calls me up sometimes to say hello, and we meet now and then to have a drink. We can really talk to each other, and we’re similar. We really get along. I’ve learned a lot from him. He really thinks big and gives me inspiration.”

Meanwhile, KANG DONG WON played Kim Jae Myung in Master, which will be released on December 21. Master is a crime action movie about the biggest fraud in the history of Korea. It is about the story of an intellectual crime investigation team chasing the conman and the brain behind the conman.