1. Wow… Infinity Challenge is really no joke.. [+1425, -53]

2. Seeing the previews, I’m looking forward to Song Mino and Haha’s performance. And they said the songs will be digitally released right after the broadcast. I can’t wait! Can’t wait! [+1082, -65]

3. I’m realty looking forward to it! [+742, -31]

4. I bet they’ll get an all kill on the charts. Can’t wait! [+701, -30]

5. As expected from Mino. Once again, I’ll look forward to the songs. [+589, -23]

6. Look how handsome Song Mino is.. I’m looking forward to everyone, performance!!! [+166,-12]

7. Haha and Mino really seemed like a unit ㅋㅋㅋ Seeing the reviews it said the songs from the Song Mino team and BewhY team were good. I can’t wait. [+153, -9]

8. Can’t wait for Song Mino!!!! I want to hear the songs soon.ㅋㅋㅋ [+146, -10]

9. Song Mino… that aura… how.. [+150, -12]

10. Song Mino is so handsome ㅋㅋㅋ [+138, -10]

11. Look at stylish Song Mino [+128, -12]

12. Song Mino is handsome… his nose bridge is realty prominent.. [+119, -11]

13. Song Mino is freaking handsome… Loo. like Mino will get an all the charts again- [+116, -11]

14. Wow Song Mino so handsome [+116. -11]

15. Crazy. I was getting off (the bus) and was shocked to see Song Mino’s photo. He’s so freaking handsome.[+115, -11]

Translation: @_suzino