“During YG trainee days, I rejected SM casting offer.”

BLACKPINK Jisoo and Rose will have their first talk show debut in ‘Radio Star‘. It has been known that Jisoo and Rose, including their ventriloquism skills where they talk without opening their mouths, showed off their cuteness and released their hidden talking skills with the other talk show newbies which is raising expectations.

MBC ‘Radio Star’ which will air on the 11th, BewhY, Jisoo (BLACKPINK), Rose (BLACKPINK), DinDln and Rapper Zizo will appear.

In the recording which recently proceeded, BLACKPINK Jisoo and Rose revealed their unique skills which drew attention. Jisoo said “In preparation if you get kidnapped…” and revealed that their skill is “ventriloquism“. The two then closed their mouths and with air in their cheeks, they showed their skill and the 4MCs were amazed at their unique skill.

Moreover, Jisoo’s story of receiving a casting offer from SM manager before debut will be revealed. Jisoo talked about the unexpected offer she received when she was a YG trainee and DinDin also talked about how he got a business card from SM manager.

BewhY DinDin and Zizo held a freestyle rap battle. ‘Monster rapper’ BewhY ‘freestyle champion’ Zizo and ‘Dark Horse’ DInDin, rap battle was held on the spot and there, a rumour that it heated up the scene.

Translation: KIMJ1WON