Rapper BewhY reveals the story when he sneaked into YG to pursue his dream.

BewhY appeared in MBC variety show ‘Radio Star‘ which aired on the 11th.

On the day, BewhY said “When I was in high school, 1 auditioned for YG. Because I was in shock after listening to BIGBANG ‘Lies’ in 8th grade. There’s a book that taught me the formula where if you vividly dream, it’ll come true. If you want to pursue your dreams, you have to go to that path and pretend. So I went to YG.”

He then said, “I pretended having a call with G-Dragon. I went in because the door wasn’t closed after cleaning. I thought someday I’ll work in YG. There was Teddy hyung and I was scared so I left.”

Translation: KIMJ1WON |  Source: OSEN