“I miss you and miss you.”

It was a letter written in tears. CL cried as she writes the lyrics of 2NE1’s last song. It was a letter for Gong Minzy who left the group last year and a message for the fans.

2NE1 CL and Minzy during their debut days. performing “Please, Don’t Go”.

2NE1 announced the new song,  “GOODBYE” on the 21st, greeting the fans with their last farewell. ‘Goodbye‘ is the group’s last song and a song of farewell for the fans after 2NE1 was declared to have been disbanded in November last year. It is a song of comfort for the fans who regrets the dissolution of the group.

Ilgan Sports wanted to know what was in the mind of 2NE1 members when they were writing the lyrics. They succeeded in calling CL on January 21 and hear about how much she loved being in 2NE1 during the last seven years. CL said that she will keep fit so that they can reunite after 20 years. We can see that she chose her words very carefully.

– How have you been?

“I’m just glad that my US tour last year ended in success. Right now, I’m working on my US solo album.”

– 2NE1 has released its last song. 

“We didn’t get to say goodbye properly when our disbandment was announced last year. Mr. Yang gave us a chance to say goodbye to our fans. I just hope that our fans get to know how we feel.”

– How did you get to release the song? 

“The song was made a while ago. After MINY left, the three of us were preparing to release an album. We made the song as a letter to MINZY. I changed the lyrics so that it becomes a letter to MINZY and to our fans.”

– How long did it take to make changes? 

“I act fast when given a task, so it didn’t take long.”

– It must have been painful for you to see 2NE1 disband after seven years. 

“I’m very sad. I’ve known the members for ten years now. We have a lot of good memories and did many things together. I will miss them very much. We each have our dreams, and so does MINZY. I’m sad, but I’m sure MINZY had a good reason. I hope the best for all of us.”

– You must be sad that the remaining three members didn’t get to release an album. 

“We’re all are sad. There are things that just don’t work out the way you want them to.”

– How far did you get in making the album?

“We were all set, but “GOODBYE” was the only song that we actually recorded.”

– The music video features pictures of 2NE1 in the early days. 

“I realized that I’ve spent a lot of time and made many memories doing 2NE1.”

– Did you cry when you heard 2NE1 was going to be disbanded? 

“This may not make any sense, but I still can’t believe it. We used to be together all the time for a long time. It still feels unreal to me.”

– What happened? 

“After MINZY left YG, Mr. Yang wanted the remaining three to release an album. So, I stopped making my solo album and got ready to release the 2NE1 ALBUM. I really wanted this to happen, but something happened that made it all fall apart.”

– You posted a picture of all 2NE1 members together on your SNS page a week ago. 

“I was cleaning my room, and I found the picture. It was taken when we were rehearsing for our MAMA performance in 2015. 2NE1’s last song was going to be released a week later. I wanted to share how I felt at that time with our fans.”

– How well do you think “GOODBYE” will do on the charts?

“It’ll be nice if the song did well on the charts. The song conveys our sincere feelings, and I hope that someone will be able to feel it. This song is like a letter.”

– Did you decide to write the lyrics right after listening to the melody?

“I heard the melody when I came back to Korea to make the new 2NE1 album. Words just popped up in my head as soon as I heard the music. I cried at that time. The lyrics were written in tears.”

 to follow.