YANG HYUN SUK Says YG Will “Start Creating Broadcasting Content, and Has Recruited 10 Main Producers”


“We are planning to create a premium space in Hongdae for the fans.”

[Seoul Yonhap News= Lee Eun Jung] YG Entertainment is set to enter into the broadcasting content business this year.

The importance of content has significantly grown in the entertainment industry, and many large agencies like SM and FNC Entertainment have started creating broadcasting content. It is no longer uncommon for famous producers who created popular TV shows to leave for entertainment agencies.

In an interview with Yonhap News Agency on Jan. 17th, YG’s main producer YANG HYUN SUK (48) said that YG will join the broadcasting content business, going beyond the existing business areas where they focused on managing artists and actors.

While YG invested in creating “Good Sunday – Flower Crew” aired by SBS, it has no experience in content business other than that.

The following is the interview with Mr. Yang.

– There is a list of a dozen producers who are expected to join YG.

▲ About 50 percent of it is correct, but there are more producers who are not on that list. We are planning to recruit about 10 main producers and 2-3 assistant producers for each of them. We are now talking with capable producers and will announce who we are going to work with when everything is set.

– Why is it that YG is entering into the broadcasting content business?

▲ I want to do something fun. Instead of simply making investments, I want to create well-made broadcasting content based on good ideas, just like we work with talented artists and produce good music. These days, many viewers have their own preferences about specific writers like Kim Eun-sook or Park Ji-eun. And they don’t care which channel broadcasts their shows. What people want is interesting content. At YG, we have many talented artists and actors, so there will be some synergistic effects with the shows we’re going to create.

– These days, there is a lot of online content such as Web entertainment shows or Web dramas.

▲ Competition among broadcasters has become more intense, and some of them suffer losses. So production companies are having a lot more difficulties. This is why we need to move beyond the existing platforms provided by broadcasters and create a system which allows for many different channels of broadcasting, such as mobile. We’re planning to make the best use of all kinds of media, so that we can present our content overseasas well. Broadcasting today should never be one way.

– Do you have other business plans?

▲ We’re planning to rent a big building in Hongdae and create a premium space where the fans can visit anytime and enjoy the content. In that space, the fans can watch DVDs of the artists they like on a large screen with good sound quality, get exposed to MD products, or take a rest at a café. I’m interested in architecture and interior design, so I’ve been thinking about creating this kind of space for more than 10 years. And it’s going to open this summer.

– You must be really busy, as you are working on many projects.

▲ I’ve created a place to work in my house, which is near from the company. And I start working as soon as I get up. I had a hard time before YG went public, but now it’s physically less demanding, as we now have the system and staff. These days, I spend a lot of time coming up with business ideas. I think happiness or satisfaction with life depends on what you think about it. I have achieved many things that I dreamed of, so I try to have a positive attitude and enjoy what I do.