The real thing is coming. ZION.T, often referred to as the “chart killer“, will be making a comeback by releasing a new song in early February.

Sources confirmed on January 21 that ZION.T will be releasing a new song in early February.

It is not yet confirmed whether he’ll be releasing a single or an album, but he did shoot a music video recently. The director of his music video was Han Samin, the same director of the music videos of BIGBANG’s “IF YOU” and “LAST DANCE”.

Expectations are running high for ZION.T’s comeback. He is one of the most popular singers among young people. He has produced a host of hit songs such as “JUST”, “YANGWHA BRIDGE”, “EAT”, “SINSA”, “KNOCK” and “MACHINE GUN”.

It will be his first official song after joining The Black Label, a new label made by YG’s main producer TEDDY.

Fans are wondering about the chemistry between the two talented musicians. The fact that KUSH, who participated in making the music of “YANGWHA BRIDGE”, is on the same label is making people have higher expectations.