2NE1’s “GOODBYE” was a song for MINZY

2NE1 released “GOODBYE” on January 21. It was known to be a song for the fans, but we found out that CL originally wrote the lyrics for MINZY. It is a song for the fans, but at the same time, it is a song for MINZY, who left the group last year. This is why the part that goes “Don’t go. So long until the day we meet again” seems to convey real feelings.

A Daily Sport reporter talked with CL over the phone. CL said, “The three of us were preparing to make an album after MINZY left YG. The song was a letter to MINZY. I changed the lyrics so that it becomes a letter to MINZY and our fans.”

2NE1 made a promise about the future in the lyrics. They sing about the day they’ll meet again. They really mean it. It’s a last present for their fans.

2NE1 came to a halt after BOM’s drug scandal. However in 2015, 2NE1 performed at MAMA and showed hopes of a comeback. Then, MINZY left YG when their contracts came to an end, and in the end, the group disbanded.

Fans in and out of Korea were sad over the news. Many expressed sorrow over 2NE1’s disbandment. The majority opinion was that there will never be a group that could have so many hit songs and a strong presence like 2NE1.

Although 2NE1 was not able to make it past the deadly seventh year for idol groups, they are too good to be left as a memory. The lyrics say “So long until the day we meet again”, and 2NE1 sure is a group worth waiting for.

CL said, “If all four of us agree and if the conditions are right, we can reunite after 20 years. I’ll have to keep fit if I want to sing ‘FIRE’ then. As you all know, our music is hard to sing live. Our dances are fierce too. I’ll be getting ready for that time.”

GOODBYE” became No.1 on the charts in eight countries upon release. In Korea, it is taking the no.2 spot right behind the heels of the original soundtrack of tvN’s “Goblin”.