Celebrating its 20th Anniversary This Year, SECHSKIES Plans to Release a New Album and Do Concerts


SECHSKIES has special plans for its 20th anniversary.

On January 22, SECHSKIES held a solo concert titled “2017 SECHSKIES ‘YELLOW NOTE’ FINAL IN SEOUL” at the Jamsil Arena in Seoul and met some 6,500 fans.

EUN JIWON said, “This is the last ‘YELLOW NOTE’ concert. We’ve come this far thanks to our fans. You don’t have to be sad. We’ll hold more concerts to celebrate our 20th anniversary.”

KIM JAEDUCK said, “We’ll release an album before holding concerts”, making the audience cheer loudly.

The concert was an encore concert of SECHSKIES’s “YELLOW NOTE” concerts that started in September last year, and members each put on their performances. SECHSKIES was reunited after a 16-year hiatus, and this year, the group celebrates its 20th anniversary.


SOURCEIlgan Sports