The meeting of the original chart killers!

On the 24th, the officials confirmed, G-Dragon participated to feature in Zion T’s new album, ‘0 0‘ which will be released on the 1st next month. The best combination is unexpectedly created. The meeting of both musicians have been greatly anticipated just by their names. It has been stated that G-Dragon’s song featured in is not the album’s title song.

The collaboration has been formed through G-Dragon and Zion T‘s long friendship. In 2013, Zion T. featured in G-Dragon’s song “I Love It” off G-Dragon’s solo album, “Coup d Etat“. They meet again 4 years after which entices people for the birth of another well-crafted song.

In the case of G-Dragon most especially, it is extremely rare for him to participate or feature in other singers from different agency other than YG Entertainment. However, thanks to Zion T. and G-Dragon’s friendship, and the latter joining YG’s THE BLACK LABEL as its first artist, they were given another chance to work together.

With G-Dragon’s participation, Zion T’s new album is gaining great expectations. Both musicians have charming colors and both are “chart killers“, having both Zion T. and G-Dragon sweeping the charts in each of their respective releases. The synergy of both original chart killers are gaining much expectation.

Zion T’ new album ‘0 0’ is his first album officially to be released after transferring to a new agency. As much as have made hit songs with ‘Just‘, ‘Yanghwa Bridge‘, ‘Eat‘, ‘Machine Gun‘.etc. , the kind of music he will be releasing in this new album is gaining attention.