Winner Song Min Ho and Fiestar Chao Lulu will appear on SBS ‘Good Sunday – Flower Crew’ as a guests.

According to SBS, Song Mino and Cau Lu participated in the recent filming of “Flower Crew” and went through extreme experiences on the “flower road” and “dirt road”.

Both of them, especially the ‘Flower Crew‘ members, were deeply involved with the filming making the recording even more uplifting.

While Cao Lu and Kang Seung Yoon were singing, Song Mino said, “Seeing Kang Seungyoon playing the flower play is very depressing”.  

When Cao Lu appeared, the casts welcome her saying, “You came my brother,” while Jo Seo-ho announced another sudden appearance of a flower play-and-play edition.

On the other hand, actress Lim Soo-soo appears as a guest in the ‘Flower and Play’ broadcast on the 29th. In addition, Kim Yong-man, Kim Jae-dong, Kim Heung-guk, Yun Yu Sun also came as surprise guests.