Lee Sung Kyung Discusses Her Ideal Man


Elle Korea will feature YG actress and model Lee Sung Kyung in their latest edition, discussing what she looks for in a man and her passion over her most recent TV role.

She starred in the recent hit comedy drama, “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo“, alongside fellow YG actor and model, Nam Joo Hyuk.

In the drama, a male friend confessed his feelings toward Bok Joo. She was asked what she would do if the same thing happens in real life.

She answered,“I’m a very honest person when it comes to personality or expressing myself, and I also don’t hold any grudges. If I have mutual feelings with him and like him back, I wouldn’t be the type to hide it. If I don’t feel the same way, I would make it very clear on the spot that I don’t share the same feelings as he does. If I look back, I think I always found that the guys who were true to their feelings were the most masculine.”

About her role, she stated, “Bok Joo was an extremely lovable character, which is why I think I’ve received so many compliments; I don’t think I received those compliments due to anything I personally did on my own… However, I tried to relay the true emotions of Bok Joo to as many people as possible. I believe that if you put in your real emotions and the utmost effort into your acting, the message that you’re trying to send will be delivered right into the viewers’ hearts.”

The drama, “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” recently wrapped up and its final episode was aired on January 11, 2017. The drama ended with its actor earning awards and recognition.

Meanwhile, Elle will be releasing Lee Sung Kyung’s full photo shoot and interview in February through their official website.