American Billboard introduced the news about EPIK HIGH’s new release.

On January 24 (local time), Billboard published an article about EPIK HIGH’s new album, saying, “Frontman Tablo took to Twitter earlier this week and revealed that the group will return in 2017 with new music.”

Billboard went on to extoll EPIK HIGH by stating, “Since 2001, the alt-hip-hop trio has been leaders of the genre and have returned time and time again with relevant music that draws the attention of both domestic and international audiences… Epik High is one of the most prominent Korean acts internationally and has appeared at both SXSW and Coachella.”

Notably, EPIK HIGH is drawing keen attention from music fans around the world, after announcing the release of a new album in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the release of “Remapping the Human Soul”. “Remapping the Human Soul” with 27 songs was released in Korea in 2007 and it recorded the third-largest sales among the albums released in that year, even though it was banned from TV performances because of the songs’ sensitive themes about social issues, politics, religion, war, etc.

EPIK HIGH’s new album to be released this year is already drawing keen attention, as it is EPIK HIGH’s first album in three years since “SHOEBOX” which was released in 2014.

In the meantime, TABLO will release “Cave Me In”, a single for which he collaborated with world-famous R&B artist “Gallant” and versatile entertainer “Eric Nam”.