Zion.T: “Photosynthesizing from the sun named YANG HYUN SUK… Really respect TEDDY”


[스포츠서울=이지석 기자] Zion.T who has joined producer TEDDY’s “The Black Label” released new album “OO” on February 1. Upon the release of the album, all the songs in it including title track “The Song” entered music charts in top ranks and Zion.T’s name took high places on the search word lists of search engines for all day long.

Zion.T met the press at a studio of “The Black Label” located in Sangsu-dong, Seoul, to talk frankly about his new album, his perspective on music, and what he thinks about his new label.

– You have moved to the new label “The Black Label”. What’s the difference?

Many people think that makes a big difference, but I work with the same staff, producers, and colleagues. In fact, there is no change in my music, in that I just continue to write the music I want to write with the same people. The only difference is that I now can write my own music more freely.

– You said there is no difference in the environment for your music, but I think there is a difference in other environments. 

I certainly feel some pressure. It’s not from the change in the environment and the company, but I felt a sense of burden about what kind of music I have to present to people and how I can get recognized by them. It is not about what scores I get on music charts.

– You have established yourself quickly for the past few years, as a vocalist of an unprecedented style. 

By the time when I first appeared in the music scene and people got interested in me, I was known rather for the rarity of my music than for its quality. At that time, there were not many hip-hop R&B vocalists, so I was the only vocalist in such a position. That was why other musicians sought to work with me. Now, there are other musicians like CRUSH and DEAN who are in the same position with me. So now, this style of vocal is like the mainstream and it is now too well known.

Now is the time when the quality of music is important. The quality of music is more important than its rarity. I myself am wondering about what kind of changes there will be in this scene. I will keep doing my own music and other musicians will do so as well. Even though it has not been long since the beginning of this genre in Korea, there are young people who have grown up listening to these songs. When they come forward in the music scene someday, this genre will become more perfect and then, the music scene of Korea will be richer. There will be more things to enjoy for the public.

– You have joined “The Black Label”, which is YG’s subsidiary label. What are YG’s head producer YANG HYUN SUK and “The Black Label”s head TEDDY like?

I have actually not met Mr. YANG personally that much. I have just come across him by accident for several times. He definitely supports me, but not directly in front of me. I really thank him. I feel like I’m receiving a great energy from him, just like a tree photosynthesizing from the energy of the sun.

TEDDY is the president of the company but I call him older brother. I really respect him. I’ve long been a fan of his and I admire the journey he has taken so far as a musician. He did not intervene in my album but just supported me. That really helped me a lot. TEDDY seems not to be caring usually, but he actually knows every detail and gives me good advice from time to time. He is such a man of insight. I can fully trust him and ask for his help. He helps me to decide on my own way. He has really helped me every time when I had to made quick decisions.

– Is TEDDY the reason why you joined “The Black Label”?

The biggest reason for joining “The Black Label” was my colleagues with whom I’ve been doing my music together for a long time. All the people I have worked with from before “Yanghwa Bridge” are here. I have just naturally come to join “The Black Label”.