According to multiple sources, KO JOON HEE has recently started working with YG Entertainment. They haven’t signed an exclusive contract yet, but she already has a manager from YG taking care of her work-related issues.

YG is a big entertainment company that covers singer and actor/actress management and album/TV show production. KIM HEE AE, CHOI JI WOO, CHA SEUNG WON, JANG HYUN SUNG, LEE JONG SUK, KANG DONG WON, KU HYE SUN, NAM JU HUK, and LEE SUNG KYUNG are signed to YG.

KO JOON HEE started her career as an actress after winning the gold prize at a school uniform model competition in 2001. Since then, she has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows including “King of Ambition”, “The Chaser”, and “She Was Pretty”. Bob haircut is her signature style.

However, KO JOON HEE became a free agent last year, and she has been looking for an agency for ever since. Several management companies attempted to sign a deal with her but with no avail. YG was her final choice.