BIGBANG’s DAESUNG to Release Mini-album in Celebration of First Japan Tour


It is said that next to the Emperor of Japan, Daesung is one of the most popular icons that ever conquered the land of the rising sun!

According to a report made by OSEN, Daesung will release his mini-album, “D-DAY” in celebration of his first solo Japan dome tour.

DAESUNG will hold his first solo dome tour in Japan in April this year. Before the dome tour, on April 12, DAESUNG will release his mini-album to meet his local fans.

The new mini-album is DAESUNG’s first solo album released in Japan after two and a half years since his last mini-album “D-LITE” released in October, 2014. DAESUNG explained the meaning of the mini-album’s title “D-DAY” and said, “I wanted the new album to be like the d-day for me and my fans to meet again.”

Japan’s leading artists including Ayaka, Hata Motohiro, and Mizino Yoshiki who covered the songs in DAESUNG’s Japan solo debut album “D’scover” released in February 2013, took part in writing the lyrics and melody of the songs of DAESUNG’s new mini-album. Kameda Seiji worked as the producer of the album.

DAESUNG also talked about how he feels about the release of the new album and upcoming solo concert in Japan. DAESUNG expressed his confidence, saying, “As I have stood on the stage of domes in Japan as BIGBANG so far, I don’t feel too much burden and I’m just full of excitement and anticipation to build the best memories with fans, with good songs.”

DAESUNG made solo debut in Japan with debut album “D’scover” in February, 2013. The album took No.2 on Oricon’s albums weekly ranking, which was the highest rank ever taken by a solo artist of Korean idol groups. Then, his original solo album “D’slove” confirmed DAESUNG’s popularity in Japan, taking No.1 on Oricon’s albums daily ranking and No.2 on weekly ranking.

DAESUNG will host solo concerts in Japan: at Seibu Prince Dome on April 15 and 16 and at Kyocera Dome on April 22 and 23. The four concerts in two cities in Japan are expected to entertain 200,000 local fans.