WINNER’s SONG MINHO shows off his fun side on “Flower Crew”

On February 12’s episode of SBS’s “Flower Crew”, SONG MINHO appeared as a guest along with Cao Lu. Just like the regular cast members, he too tried to get hold of the transfer card.

The first hurdle he had to overcome was onions. He went to see Lee Yeon-bok, and the renowned chef gave him a task of peeling onions saying, “I’ve got a really nice transfer card.” SONG MINHO did his best, but Ahn Jung-hwan did better, and he failed in getting the card.

So, SONG MINHO had to stay on the “dirt path”. WINNER’s KANG SEUNGYOON used his transfer card to go to the “flower path”, but before leaving, he handed over the last transfer card to SONG MINHO. He did not fully understand how the game works, so he tried to check it right then and there, making everyone laugh. KANG SEUNGYOON yelled, “You can’t do that when everyone’s looking!” SONG MINHO looked dumbfounded and just made a clueless smile.

As it turned out, KANG SEUNGYOON gave SONG MINHO an exchange card. SONG MINHO had to spend the night in a tent on a rooftop. The winter air was freezing. SONG MINHO shouted, “It’s colder inside the tent” and “Human beings can’t sleep here”. Ahn Jung-hwan asked him to rap, and SONG MINHO beatboxed for him and shouted a line in his song “Father!”

It was a bad day for SONG MINHO. He lost in the rock, paper, and scissors game and had to go on an errand. He was only given 14,000 won, and when he got back, he was scolded for buying an expensive instant ramen. Other cast members discovered that SONG MINHO secretly bought a hot fish cake bar and ate it alone and gave him a hard time for it.

The final twist of the show came from SONG MINHO. He used the exchange card against Cao Lu and succeeded in going on the “flower path” and spent the night in a nice warm house.

SONG MINHO’s first appeared on a variety show in tvN’s New Journey to the West Season 3. On the show, SONG MINHO is rather clumsy unlike himself in survival rap shows. He is dubbed as “dumb Song”, but his first variety show appearance proved to be quite a success.

SONG MINHO was still dumb on “Flower Crew” as it was his first time on the show, but his innocent and clumsy side sure made everyone laugh.