YG Entertainment’s boy groups are getting ready to make a comeback.

On February 16, Star News was told that WINNER will be shooting music videos for two of their new songs outside of Korea soon. Sources in the music industry commented, “WINNER will be shooting two music videos next week.”

The original plan was to finish shooting one music video in January. However, YG changed its plans and decided to shoot two music videos, both of them in overseas settings.

WINNER became a four-member group after NAM TAEHYUN left the group last November. Currently, WINNER is busy making preparations to release a new album. Their last album was “‘EXIT : E”, a mini-album containing “BABY BABY” and “SENTIMENTAL”.

WINNER’s new album is most likely to be released mid-March or early April.

WINNER also plans to carry out a full scale promotion campaign in Korea this year after releasing their new album. This will surely be exciting news for their fans.

Fans are already curious about the concept of WINNER’s new album, which will be the first album after they became a four-member group.

Meanwhile, YG’s other boy group, iKON, started having serious discussions about the music videos of the songs in their new album on February 15. The seven-member boy group will also shoot two music videos for their new album.

iKON’s goal now is to release an album as soon as possible. iKON spent the most of last year touring around neighboring countries such as Japan and strengthened its presence in the global music scene.