Kang Seung Yoon Holds Dignity as a Leader on Flower Crew, “WINNER Can Do It!”


Kang Seungyoon shouted out encouragement in Flower Crew broadcasted this Sunday 19.

The image of leader Kang Seungyoon while climbing up the high ice cliff reminded us of WINNER.

While climbing up the ice cliff to collect a 30,000 won bag for allowance, Kang Seungyoon hesitated for a moment because he wanted to collect more money. Thus, he tried to continue climbing up. The hyungs who were on the ground saw his reaction when he saw a 50,000 bag and shouted at him to stop “Let’s stop, quit it.” However, Kang Seungyoon began climbing up. His feet began moving up while he was shouting with firm voice “I can do it. WINNER can do it.”

Eventually, with his perseverance and last effort, he successfully collected the 50,000 bag amid the delight of the hyungs toward Kang Seungyoon. The moment his feet touched the ground, his image of bravery was reinforced. He proudly said “While I was climbing up, I don’t know why but it’s like I carried my whole life up with me.”

KR-TH: Team_lcang_a jii (lcang_a jii); TH-EN: kyotangmo