Song Mino Became ‘Song Lacking’ in the New Episode of “New Journey to the West 3”, Happier than on SMTM


‘Song Lacking’, Song Mino created great laughs with a simple quiz. The eating broadcast in addition doubled the fun in watching it.

In the latest episode of “New Journey to the West 3” aired on February 26, Kang Hodong, Lee Soogeun, Eun Jiwon, Ahn Jaehyun, Kyuhyun and Song Mino started with a quiz game during lunch time.

Ahn Jaehyun confidently jumped in when a major game came up. Program director, Na Young-suk asked for the capital of Finland, to which he responded as “Manila“. Manila is the capital of the Philippines. Kang Hodong and the members started to make fun of Ahn Jaehyun.

The elder member, Kang Hodong however was successful. He got the correct answer during the game. Because of that, the members get to enjoy their meal while Kang Hodong boasted by saying,“This is the most satisfied I’ve been during this trip. It feels like I went beyond my limit”.

Song Mino then prepared for the battle. The problem includes guessing the second syllable of a given word after the first syllables are provided.

Mino got the correct answer after answering “lant” to the given syllable, “Imp” (answer: Imp-lant).

Song Mino and the members were filled with joy while eating the crab curry. Kang Hodong then talked nonsense by telling him that if Mino gets an ad offer for implants, he must do it together with the rest of them. When Kang Hodong asked, “Are you happier now than when you were on ‘SMTM”?, Song Mino answered “I’m happier than when I was on the semifinals”.

As the members were returning to their accommodations, they continued to enjoy their eating broadcast. As they came across mango rice cakes and tried it, they couldn’t get over their admiration for it. Kang Hodong said “It’s awesome. Truly.”, showcasing an unending eating broadcast.

The members also attempted on playing a game using the voice recognition program Siri on their mobile phones trying to get a reply from it with the phrase, “I love you”. They each tried with their own questions but they weren’t able to hear the answer, “1 love you” (from Siri).

Finally, the members were challenged with a game to watch the horror movie, “The Conjuring” without making any vocal reaction. Those who were expected to be screaming were so calm watching the movie that they gave the staff a bitter defeat. The staff therefore proposed another quiz. As the were already sick of quizzes, the members reacted by getting mad. Yet they were so absorbed into Song Mino’s drawing quiz and got the answers correctly.