WINNER Song Mino Surprises and Impresses with Drawing Skills


In the most recent episode of ‘New Journey to the West 3‘ aired on February 26, Song Mino impressed the other members with his drawing skills.

Members Ahn Jae Hyun and Kyuhyun took their turns of having their shirts drawn. The latter wasn’t so much impressed with the drawing although Jae-hyun was pretty much satisfied with the drawing. The shows’ program director, Na Young-suk, and members Lee Soo Geun and Kang Hodong also had their faces drawn.

Kang Hodong drawn by Song Mino, uploaded via official NJTW 3 Facebook last December 28, 2016

Song Mino‘s talent surprised everyone and have garnered affirmations from the other members, saying that Mino is an individual with many talents.

On December 28 last year, a caricature of Kang Hodong was even uploaded online in the shows’ official Facebook page.

Song Mino have also been praised a lot in the past for having drawn the cover art of the song, “Pricked” off their WINNER: Exit E album. He also showed off his skill by drawing his “Born Hater” crew during the release of the highly-acclaimed Epik High song. He also went to draw the hosts of the variety show, Weekly Idol.

Meanwhile, WINNER is currently finishing their new album expected to be dropped in the early half of the year.

Song Mino is one of the newer cast members of New Journey to the West 3 and have ever since called as the ‘new variety show blue chip’ praised for his quirky character and natural sense of humor.