1st Look: MOBB (Mino & Bobby) x Reebok – Breathtaking Aura of Beautiful Youth


Song Mino and Bobby shows off the charm of pale colors.

Reebok Classic first released some of the pictures of the popular hiphop duo, ‘MOBB(Song Mino x Bobby) in the March issue of 1st Look magazine.

Song Mino and Bobby were leaning on the wall of an old house with a vintage bathroom in their lively and charismatic poses, emanating a cool aura of a their beautiful youth. Like twins, both shows off their distinctive brotherly romance with their unique charms.

MOBB presented a unique street look which mixes classic white sneakers and casual jeans and shirts in the photo. Famous for their excellent fashion senses, MOBB attracted attention with their unique sense of style.

On the other hand, Mino and Bobby (MOBB) who works as brand endorsers of Reebok Classic have shown their extraordinary strengths with the release of their first album, “THE MOBB” while going beyond Asia and shooting off on the US Billboard charts.

Song Mino gained much love by the public for his character through the tvN entertainment program, “New Journey to the West 3“.

The other photo cuts will be released through 1st Look entertainment lifestyle magazine on March 2.