HanbitSoft (CEO Kim Yoo Ra) announced on February 2 that mobile game “AUDITION WITH YG” will be released in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Indonesia, and Thailand through messenger service LINE.

“AUDITION WITH YG” to be released in five Southeast Asian countries is a rhythm action game for which YG Entertainment’s artists appear in HanbitSoft’s popular rhythm game “AUDITION”. It displays artists’ real dance movements on the screen realistically, by applying the motion capture technology.

Users can enjoy 100 stages while listening to YG artists’ music on a live mode. In the “couple dance” mode, users can compete against other users with their own characters.

YG Entertainment said, “We cooperated with HanbitSoft so that Southeast Asians can meet our artists on a mobile game, too. We hope people will come to love YG artists more while playing ‘AUDITION WITH YG’.”

HanbitSoft’s CEO Kim Yoo Ra said, “We’ll provide greater entertainment to the users of “AUDITION” in cooperation with YG Entertainment’s artists who have a strong fan base in Southeast Asia. If users can enjoy a rhythm game with the characters of their favorite artists and communicate with other fans at the same time, it will be a really entertaining experience for them.”