According to a coverage made by Starnews on the 2nd, iKON will shoot a music video for the new Korean album set on mid-September.

Group iKON‘s domestic comeback is imminent. They finally scheduled a shooting for the music video of their new song signalling their comeback.

An official from the music industry said, “iKON is set to film their first music video by mid-March which will be included in their new Korean album. iKON will start filming the music video for the new album for three consecutive weeks starting from this month”.

iKON  have decided to shoot music video for 3 consecutive weeks, which signifies that more music videos are about to be filmed for their domestic release.

iKON released their last Korean album in May of last year. Since then, they have been actively promoting in Japan and other countries, gaining attention worldwide iKON won two awards including the 31st Japan Gold Disc Award sponsored by the Japan Record Association, one of the most prestigious and traditional public awards ceremony in Japan, a remarkable achievement by the group.

As of the moment, the domestic album could be more likely to be scheduled for release on April this year.

Recently, YG Entertainment also announced that their other boy group, WINNER filmed a new music video for their Korean album in February. They are expected to release the new album from early to mid-April.

Both groups, iKON and WINNER are set to release a new album in April.

iKON and WINNER are also the reasons why spring time of this year would be a joyous time for the local fans.