WINNER Song Mino is Program Director’s New Precious Discovery


Flaming charisma Mino. He sets fire in variety shows.

Program director, Na Youngsuk’s discovery was excellent worthy of praise. A member of the group WINNER, Song Mino took part in the new tvN variety program, “New Journey to the West 3“, has made a name for himself despite being surrounded with respected variety show entertainers. He received lots of love for his seemingly 4-dimensional “foolish” character.

His reversal kind of charm has made him more human. He gained attention as a charismatic rapper on Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 4“, with his music having that sexy manly vibe.

“New Journey to the West 3” finally wrapped up its story in the  recent episode aired on the 5th while the director’s cut will be aired next week. A lot of viewers including the entertainment industry have seen Song Mino as the discovery of this season.

Song Mino as “Bulma” on New Journey to the West 3

First and foremost, he doesn’t seem to care or fear of ruining his image which helped him greatly. From choosing “Bulma” as his character, even willingly wearing a pink wig to revealing embarrassing personal facts about his hair loss, he induced so much laughter, even saying, “That’s the reason I don’t bow my head too low during fansigns and fanmeetings”.

To top if off, the icing on the cake is his charm during their “4-syllable quizzes”. Contrary to the serious and sexy lyrics he produced as a rapper, he’s not very good with those kind of quiz which stirs up a lot of laughter. Rather than completing a rather easy word as “office-tel”, he only stops at the first syllable of the Korean word, “office”. Instead of saying “up-date” to complete the word, he blurted out the word “up-daeyo” (which translates to “isn’t there anything/there’s nothing?”), upon mistakenly hearing the syllable, “update”, causing laughter to the members as well as the staff.

This established his character and have been called as “Song Lacking” (meaning, Foolish Mino; as if he is lacking something; his weakness that makes him look as a fool), a solid character guaranteed to induce humor as the story progresses with the members attempting to complete their missions on the show. This have led the public to shower him with praises, as Song Mino is a character more relative and familiar to them.

Program director Na Young-suk, as a “professional maknae discoverer” that he is, have fully emphasized his reasons for choosing Song Mino as the the program’s maknae (youngest member) of this season as the show progresses.

Original Title: "New Journey to the West 3" Song Mino, Na PD's Discovery More Valuable than 7 Dragon Balls