WINNER’s Song Mino expressed his thoughts on the seasons’ ending of “New Journey to the West 3”.

On March 13, through his agency, YG Entertainment, Mino stated, “I was very happy to receive so much love from the audience”. He also thanked the fans and the staff members saying, “I am very grateful to PD Na for trusting and choosing me, and to all the staff who worked so hard together with us and the hyungs (older members) who took care of me well being a rookie in variety programs. Thank you to everyone, I was able to adapt quickly to the world of variety shows”.

Regarding the wake-up missions and games and for having cross-dressed for his character as BUlma, he said, “I am happy to have made the viewers laugh and for liking me even if I acted foolishly”.

He also added, “I will promote as WINNER this year so please look forward to it.”

New Journey to the West 3” formally ends on the 12 with the release of the director’s cut. With his reverse charm, Song Mino made the viewers laugh from being the charismatic rapper on “Show Me the Money 4“, to being WINNER’s rapper, and for wearing a pink wig to transform to Bulma on the show and even confessing for his hair loss, to becoming the blackhole in various games on the show.

He has overflowing charms although foolish when it comes to playing games. From the idiom games, instead of answering “one bad apple spoils the barrel” as the correct answer, he answered “great humiliation“, making the audiences laugh so hard. Even his 4-letter quizzes with which he answered, “There isn’t any?” and “office” entertained the viewers to the point that there already exist a compilation of “Quotes from Song Mino”.

Song Mino have wrapped up filming “New Journey to the West 3” and is now preparing for a WINNER comeback this year.