Song Mino’s Rise to Fame from Variety Entertainment Back to a Being a WINNER Member


Song Mino’s rise to fame came up ahead of his comeback from the music industry. Could his appearances as an entertainer strengthens his activities with WINNER?

WINNER‘s rapper, Song Mino has been active in a variety of entertainment programs including Mnet’s ‘Show Me the Money 4′, to JTBC’s “Half-Moon Friends” and tVN’s “New Journey to the West 3“, ranging from a reality rap survival show, to reality child care program, and recently to real entertainment program respectively. In particular, he was greatly love for his character as “Song Lacking” and the “Painting Genie” on “New Journey to the West 3” which just ended recently.

Surprisingly, the pre-broadcast response on the news of Kyuhyun (Super Junior) and Mino’s appearances was unexpected. Everyone’s worried whether both would do well in real entertainment program, and whether they could blend in well with the existing members.

However, this was overturned. Song Mino had this unintentional image befitting of a country boy, giving the viewers a smile. He was vulnerable in the games proposed by the program director, Na Young-suk, revealing a strong presence while creating unforgettable memories such as his responses namely, “Upda-yo (there isn’t any?)“, “Office” and “Disgracely Embarassing“.

It will be a turning point that will greatly contribute and complete WINNER’s path to success. An official from YG Entertainment just confirmed to Herald Pop, “WINNER is preparing for a comeback due in early April”, a group restructured into a 4-member team after Nam Taehyun’s withdrawal from the group.

Song Minho has already been recognized and acknowledged as a rapper and a runner-up of ‘Show Me Money 4’, a solo performer and a member of the unit group, MOBB who had their activity last year and who participated and featured in Code Kunst‘s 3rd album, ‘MUGGLES’ MANSION ‘. It is also noteworthy how he will show up as a real winner after a year and two months following his solo, unit and as an entertainer.