Boy group WINNER is coming back in a year and two months. Like any other comeback after a long hiatus, their comeback brings up both excitement and worries. On one hand, the excitement for WINNER who has won 1st place on music show in only 9 days since their debut, and on the other hand, the worries about WINNER that reduced to 4 members after former member NAMTAEHYUN left.

On the 14th, their management company YG has officially announced their comeback. WINNER is aiming to comeback in early April and is currently making final touches to the new album.

It is a good news. WINNER has gained explosive popularity since debut. It was a result of obtaining both commercial attraction and fandom through winning on the Mnet survival programme, ‘WIN‘ for their debut. Also, with members who have experienced audition programmes, such as KANG SEUNGYOON from ‘SuperstarK‘ and LEE SEUNGHOON from ‘KPop Star‘, WINNER’s sincerity for music and their will to perform are strongly proven.

However, their activities in Korea were rather shy of their talents and great records. Only 2 albums after 4 years since debut. They announced ‘EXIT’ project as they launched ‘EXIT:E’ last February, but was discontinued due to health concerns for former member NAM TAEHYUN. WINNER went on a break without any predicted end, and the public started to lose interest.

Nonetheless, this is at the same time an opportunity. They are on their 4th year but still have unlimited source of music to present to the public. Furthermore, there is this faith in them that they will release great quality music as much as the time their hiatus took. The public have high hopes for WINNER’s new release in April as each member of WINNER has amazing producing capabilities.

Furthermore, the members have focused on individual activities, which has increased the awareness of the group as well. KIM JINWOO has received positive review on his performance in ‘Little Prince‘, a first among idols to venture into contemporary dance production. KANG SEUNGYOON, LEE SEUNGHOON, and SONG MINHO have each appeared in variety shows.

SONGMINHO’s active performances have especially stood out. He received great attention for his music that brings hip hop and history together in the ‘Infinite ChallengeGreat Heritage specials that aired last year, and gained much popularity with his slight sloppiness but adorable appeal on tvN’s ‘New Journey to the West 3‘ this year.

It took quite some time for WINNER to come back again. With that time, WINNER has prepared in their very own ways to take off once again for a big leap. That is why we are looking forward to WINNER’s new glory days that will surpass the attention and popularity of their debut days.

Translation Credits: amaranthine / @knkslp1025