WINNER′s Nam Tae Hyun Expresses His Desire to Sing


On November 13, Nam Tae hyun expressed his desires to sing based on the personal photo update uploaded on Instagram with the captions, “I JUST WANT TO SING,” written at the bottom of the image.

Early this year, it has been announced together with 2NE1’s official disbandment, that Nam Taehyun have withdrawn from his group, WINNER.

In October, Nam Taehyun was announced to be suffering a mental health illness, thus halting his activities with WINNER, and their EXIT series project temporarily left on hold.

YG Entertainment previously revealed, “Nam Tae Hyun′s mental health has not been good. In order for a safe recovery, Nam Tae Hyun has been receiving treatment while living with his family. Winner′s comeback has been indefinitely postponed.”

The photo that has been uploaded on his Instagram has already been removed, but the photo was also captioned with the word, “YES”.