BIGBANG’s G-Dragon is caught in another dating rumor, this time with former f(x) member, Sulli. In the past, G-Dragon mentioned Sulli as one of her ideal types of girl. Here’s the official report from Star News:

YG Entertainment, BIGBANG G-Dragon’s agency announced that the dating rumors involving the actress and former member of the girl group, f(x) is unfounded.

Recently, the speculation of dating rumors arises on the internet and social media because both G-Dragon and Sulli are supposedly wearing a couple ring.

YG Entertainment official stated, “It is completely unrealistic and ridiculous.”

Identical Rings of Sulli and G-Dragon via their personal Instagram

An official said, “Recently, I heard the rumor about the G-Dragon and Sulli on the Internet so I asked the G-Dragon directly.” G-Dragon replied, “It is a ridiculous story.

An official said, “G-Dragon and Sulli’s identical rings are also gifts from the mutual friends of both.”

These statements regarding the dating rumors between GD and Sulli clarified the rumors flying around recently on the internet.