YG’s boy group WINNER will make their comeback next month, April 4 at 4 PM KST. They will have their comeback after one year and two months of absence in music scene.

On March 17th, YG Entertainment released a  WINNER comeback teaser that emphasized the number ‘4’. The teaser announced that the song and album will be released on April 4th at 4 PM. It is also a cheering message for WINNER, who will start again as a 4 members YG boy group.

An official of YG said “Although WINNER suffered an unexpected crisis, WINNER’s current team has become stable and stronger than ever. In 20 years of YG’s existence. It was the first time to reorganize a group after the departure of a member. I could not tell the hardships and regrets of the members. For nearly a year, WINNER’s group activity were put on hold. For this reason, the members of WINNER are very sorry to their fans who waited for them and they are thirsting and hungering for the stage.”

The official said, “WINNER’s comeback has been confirmed on April 4th, so YG is planning to go all in  by allowing them to appear in various entertainment programs, they will also have more broadcasting activities than ever before.”

In the mean time Song Minho has been boasting his wit and sense of humor by appearing in tvN’s “New Journey to the West” show and Kang Seungyoon also appeard in SBS  “꽃놀이패” show as a regular cast members, to satisfy fans’ thirst for WINNER from time to time.

Music fans are already paying keen attention to what kind of new music and performances the new WINNER of four members will present for their comeback.