YANG HYUN SUK gave special orders to WINNER in the run up to its comeback.

He told them to do as much promotions as possible so that fans will be able to see them more often this year. Therefore, WINNER will be releasing new songs throughout this year and promoting them. To YG stans, YG singers are like hidden jewels because it is very hard to see them on TV and they take long breaks.

“We wanted to meet our fans more often this year. And that’s why our album has only two tracks. This has not been finalized yet, but Mr. Yang told us to keep working on new songs and release them as soon as we’re ready. We already have a bunch of songs that we made before, and if we succeed in making a good song, we’re going to release it right away. I think that we really need to do this this year. Thankfully, Mr. Yang has made the environment right for us to work on our music freely.(KANG SEUNGYOON)

Before its comeback, WINNER also did a number of meetings with the producers of variety shows. WINNER plans to make many appearances on variety shows this year as a group. Recently, SONG MINHO appeared in tvN’s “New Journey To The West” and created a whole new image for himself. WINNER is going to use this album as a turning point to become closer to the fans.

“It was a great opportunity. I felt a lot of pressure when I was shooting the show, but fellow cast members helped me a lot. I didn’t think it was a good idea to think too much about how I will look on TV when I was shooting “New Journey To The West”, so I just did my best. After it was edited, the staff made me look like a very funny person. After the show, even the older generation seems to like me. And, I’m not that dumb in real life (laughter).” (SONG MINHO)

WINNER went through a crisis situation last year, but recently it has made a successful comeback with a new EP. During their break, WINNER members thought hard about what kind of music they want to do and the direction they should take in the future. With the help of various YG producers, the different opinions and taste of WINNER members have been reflected in WINNER’s new album. WINNER will keep on asking for feedback from fellow YG singers and keep on growing.

“The way we work is one person takes the lead and make a song, and if there are parts that need help from others, such as the rap part, that person helps. This time, I was having trouble with the bridge part, and MINHO helped me to finish it. All the members participated in making the songs, and I think that’s why the songs turned out to be so balanced. SEUNGRI particularly liked our songs, so I would like to thank him for that.” (KANG SEUNGYOON)

“Before we start working on a song, we ask each other for advices. We do that and work on parts that need improvement, and this helps us make a better song.” (SONG MINHO)

“I want to hone my skills a bit more and then write songs. When I’m ready, I want to write songs and even solo songs and show them to our fans.” (KIM JINWOO)

“We’re not singer-songwriters. We’re an idol group. The ultimate aim of singers is to deliver good songs with a touch of their own emotions. I am open to the possibility of making songs on my own, but I want to focus on what I can do best.”(SONG MINHO)