SECHSKIES will release their first new album of new songs in 17 years, on April 28.

On April 19 at 9AM, YG Entertainment released a poster of SECHSKIES’ 20th anniversary project plan, on the company’s official blog YG LIFE. The poster says “NEW ALBUM [THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY] / 04.28”, announcing the date of SECHSKIES’ new album release.

SECHSKIES released “2016 Re-Album”, an album of remade songs of the team’s past hits, last year. However, it is their first time to release a new album of new songs in 17 years since the team’s last album “Blue Note” released on May 31, 2000.

“THREE WORDS” that was SECHSKIES’ first new song in 16 years released last year after the team joined YG took No.1 on music charts, marking a new beginning of SECHSKIES. SECHSKIES’ new album to be released this month will show the way that lies ahead for SECHSKIES’ future.

April is a very special month for SECHSKIES members and their fans, as the 20th anniversary of SECHSKIES’ debut falls in the month. That is why YG’s head producer YANG HYUN SUK who dominated Korea’s music scene in the 1990’s along with SECHSKIES took special care of SECHSKIES’ 20th anniversary project not just as the producer but also as SECHSKIES’ colleague and older brother.

SECHSKIES made a touching scene of reunion of a first-generation idol group, in MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” show last year. SECHSKIES’ reunion did not stop at just a one-off event, but the team is continuing to present themselves to the public. The year 2017 will be a special year that celebrates the 20th anniversary of SECHSKIES’ debut and it will be filled with special events including new album’s release, exhibition, fan meeting, and concert.