iKON’s Title Song ‘BLING BLING’ .. Collaborative Work of B.I ,BOBBY, & YG New Composer ‘MILLENNIUM’


Teaser of iKON’s title song ‘BLING BLING’ released before the official comeback in four days.

Today May 18, YG Entertainment posted a poster with the iKON’s title song ‘BLING BLING’ on its official blog (www.yg-life.com).

‘BLING BLING’ is a song that is full of swaggy lyrics and iKON’s energy. Writing, composition and arrangement are a collaborative work of iKON’s leader BI, ‘BOBBY’, and YG new composer ‘MILLENNIUM’.

The new album ‘BLING BLING’ will be released at 6 pm on the 22nd. The album ‘NEW KIDS: BEGIN’ will be available on-line and off-line music stores nationwide, including DOPE and BOLD versions. is.