WINNER is Likely to Come Back in August… Shooting a New Music Video


Group WINNER will come back in August this year. WINNER is resolved to dominate the music scene in the second half too, following their great success in the first half.

OSEN confirmed on the 14 that WINNER is now working on new songs to be released in August and the members leaving Korea for overseas music video shooting were spotted by fans. WINNER is coming back only four months after the release of “REALLY REALLY” in April.

Considering the fact that WINNER is currently shooting a new music video, it is certain that WINNER will release a new album within August at latest. After their comeback in April this year after one year and two months of absence from the music scene, WINNER has boasted their formidable influence by sweeping charts. “REALLY REALLY” is still enjoying great popularity, staying in high ranks on charts for three months.

WINNER’s new album released in April was their first album since the team’s restructuring into four members (KANG SEUNGYOON, KIM JINWOO, LEE SEUNGHOON, and SONG MINHO) and after one year and two months of absence. WINNER would have felt a greater sense of burden as the members write their own songs. The members presented the best outcome created based on stronger teamwork and achieved record success.

Such achievement is all the more remarkable, as it was made by turning a crisis into an opportunity. WINNER performed for the longest-ever period of time for “REALLY REALLY” that is recording long-run popularity on charts and appeared in many TV shows. “REALLY REALLY” created sensation and everyone sang along it at every university festival for which WINNER performed. As WINNER has been enjoying such remarkable popularity recently, their new song to be released in August is expected to lead WINNER’s popularity to the peak.

YG Entertainment worked very hard for the first half of this year, with continuous comeback of its artists including SECHSKIES, PSY, and BLACKPINK. They have recorded great success on music charts and created sensation overseas as well.

In this July, ONE made debut and AKMU will come back, to continue with the great momentum of YG’s success. Then, WINNER and TAEYANG will come back in August, to further entertain music fans.